3 More Great Habits for Successful Leasing Agents

As leasing agents, we tend to consider ourselves simply as sales representatives for our properties. Unlike a typical sales position, a leasing agent's job hasn't stopped once the sale is made, but instead continues on throughout the lease term, and then again when it's time for renewal. While a typical sales representative tries to make a sale whenever possible, we, as leasing agents must be more selective when determining how and if to execute a lease.

leasing agent habits

Communication is Key

Simply put, renters should know exactly what you expect from them. Does your property expect renters to uphold a certain standard of cleanliness within their units? Does your property expect renters to practice quiet time after 10:00 pm? Let the renter know things like this beforehand, so that when the lease is in front of them, they're not surprised by the addendums, and so that they can be sure that your property fits their individual needs.  

Establish a Sense of Trust

You should let prospective renters know what they can count on you for during their lease term. Let them know that you're serious about fulfilling their maintenance requests or making sure no one is parking in their carport each night if those are really things that you do for your property. Your renter will feel assurance in the fact that you care about your property, and that you want them to have a the best lease experience possible.

Be Mindful of Your Property

If your property has flaws that you're aware of, prepare responses ahead of time for questions that pertain to them. If you don't live on your property, put yourself into the position of the renter and thoroughly walk your grounds. When you think of a flaw, jot it down and then take your list back to the office and think of a counter-argument for each negative. Do your buildings look dated? Mention the fact that because your buildings were built before the 1990's, your floor plans are much larger than the competing newer properties, and that you're the only property in this neighborhood with beautiful original hardwood floors.

If you're just starting out in leasing, it can be difficult to establish these habits without a little bit of help from software programs like Intellirent. Intellirent offers solutions for resident screening and marketing so that you, as an agent, can focus more on building that face-to-face connection with your renters and maintaining a property that you're proud to lease. Click here to find out more about Intellirent, and how you can utilize it to maximize your leasing potential, and minimize your vacancies and your headaches.

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