Future of Living Podcast - Streamlining Tenant Qualification With Taylor Lembi!

Our very own, Taylor Lembi, was excited to drop by the Future of Living Podcast to share the story of how Intellirent was started & give his insight on Tenant Qualification. Read more or listen to the whole podcast below.


[From: Future of Living Podcast

In 2010 Taylor Lembi lost his father to cancer. The man that taught him everything he knew about real estate investing, development and management was gone and his motivation to continue ruling the San Francisco real estate market was waning. So he decided to learn how to code. His desire to try something new and his disdain for paper clutter gave birth to Intellirent (@intellirent, IG), a smart service that streamlines tenant applications and fills vacancies fast; even for international applicants.

A 3rd generation San Francisco real estate investor, Lembi and his partners now manage over 2500 units in the bay area. That number only goes up when you factor in all the units that Intellirent handles nationally. Over the course of his illustrious 20-year career, Taylor has acquired, managed, financed, and advised on more than $3 billion of real estate related transactions.

[From: Future of Living Podcast

In this episode Blake and Taylor discuss:

  • The importance of delegation, especially when starting a new business or bringing a new building to market.
  • Challenges associated with retrofitting old buildings with new, smart technology.
  • How small living spaces can be made into versatile, communal living experiences in densely populated markets.


The best way to connect with Taylor is through his LinkedIn page. Reach out to learn more about Intellirent and keep up with us on Instagram, @intellirent.

Find The Future of Living Podcast online at https://futureoflivingpodcast.com. Or on Twitter and Instagram: @FutureLivingPod."

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