Press Release: Intellirent's Partnership With Leasing App, Frontdoor

Online platform Intellirent further streamlines apartment hunting by announcing its partnership with real estate scheduling app Frontdoor.

Apartment hunting has always been a frustrating chore with mountains of paperwork and the headache of scheduling showings. Since 2013, agents and would-be renters have had the luxury of using Intellirent, a fully automated online application system, to streamline their apartment application process. Now the rental process has become even smoother as Intellirent announces its partnership with Frontdoor, an app that schedules apartment showings.

The partnership of these two startups represents a huge improvement in the real estate hunting process. "The marriage of Frontdoor's seamless apartment hunting app and our 100 percent automated leasing technology will truly create the first end-to-end leasing process," said Intellirent founder Corey Eckert. "To say the least, we're very excited about the partnership of two like-minded teams."

The two companies are like a one-two punch for eliminating the pain of apartment hunting, and by joining forces they are truly enhancing the leasing process for both agents and renters. Frontdoor acts as a personal assistant that schedules apartment showings for renters. The app and corresponding web site,, enables renters to simply input their availability and browse listings through the app. From there, renters are able to select apartments that interest them, and then Frontdoor does the rest.

"The team at Frontdoor is truly easing one of the biggest pains for anyone who's looked for an apartment - scheduling apartment tours," said Eckert. "When you are busy, this process can easily become overwhelming, but Frontdoor solves that problem."

Frontdoor's automated personal assistant schedules showings with property owners or agents so the renters can view properties at their convenience. Through this partnership, Intellirent is enabling renters using Frontdoor to also qualify for the apartments they are scheduling. Renters fill out a quick, one-time application through the Frontdoor app, and that application can be sent to as many agents as needed. Agents are then able to view the qualifications of renters as they receive requests for meetings. Showing that the renter is serious and qualified results in quicker appointment confirmations and an overall easier leasing process.

"Both of our companies are tirelessly dedicated to improving the rental experience for renters and agents alike," said Eckert. "Thanks to this exciting partnership, renting and leasing an apartment just got a whole lot easier."

About Intellirent

Intellirent is a company dedicated to saving time and money for those leasing apartments. Its revolutionary online platform is fully automated to make the leasing process smooth and easy. The service is completely free for agents to use, and is a major time saver for renters, who can bypass pages of paperwork and even apply their rental application to multiple apartments simultaneously. Find out more here.

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