Tips on Faster Rentals (Part 3 of 5)

This is the third installment of a five-part series on how to prepare your property for the rental market. Check out the Intellirent blog for Part 1, which focused on improving safety and security, and Part 2, which identified the top three maintenance items to check off your list.

Intellirent has you covered with innovative tools that take the hard work out of rental applications. You now have the bandwidth to focus on getting your property rented quickly at a great price! After safety, security, and maintenance concerns, you can turn your attention to the fun part--minor cosmetic changes that deliver a big impact. Keep these tips in mind as you consider where to spend your time and money.

Location, Location, Location

High use areas (i.e., bathrooms and kitchens) are the best locations to focus your attention on because they get a lot of notice from potential tenants.  Keep form and function in mind as you consider replacing things like cabinet hardware, faucets, shower heads, and toilet seats.

Make It Match

Although they may seem like small, easily overlooked details, door handles, vent grilles, and outlet covers that don't match can make your property look less than polished. Replacing these is a low-cost way of giving your property a striking finishing touch.

A Sense of Place

Consider the aesthetic of your property's surrounding area as you choose between styles for updates. You want your upgrades to be appealing to the renters you are hoping to attract. What may be perfect in a historic Victorian neighborhood may not be so trendy in an industrial-modern loft district.

It is easy to refresh the style and functionality of your rental with a few strategic cosmetic updates. Look for Intellirent's next blog post on the fourth of five steps in getting your property ready to rent!

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