Listing Feature: The San Francisco Urbanite

Listing Feature: The San Francisco Urbanite 

The historic neighborhood of Lower Nob Hill is lined by Geary, California, Hyde and Powell streets while encompassing lively Polk Street. With proximity to unique shops, tempting cuisine and quirky bars on Polk, the location of 1515 Pine Street is ideal with no shortage of places to frequent for the adventurous urbanite.

Lower Nob Hill offers the true San Francisco neighborhood experience with a perfect mix of historic buildings and innovative businesses to explore. Some of the best Bars and Restaurants are located within walking distance. Step up to the counter at the famous Swan Oyster Depot, or grab a classic cocktail at Bigfoot Lodge. There’s a thrilling spot waiting to be discovered around every corner. No need to be tied to the neighborhood you work in, Lower Nob Hill is centrally located and known for its city-wide accessibility. Multiple public transport options will take you in every possible direction.

For entertainment, jot over to The Hemlock Tavern for live music or catch a movie at AMC Van Ness. The prime location of Lower Nob Hill offers the advantage of adjacent neighborhoods only a short hop (or walk) away. You can effortlessly stroll down to The Great American Music Hall or wander over to North Beach and browse the shelves at City Lights bookstore.

There are several options for grocery shopping in the vicinity from Whole Foods and Trader Joes to the incredible Le Beau market. One of the best farmers markets is a short walk away, Heart of the City Farmers Market open Sundays and Wednesdays rain or shine.

If you haven’t already fulfilled your daily exercise needs by bouncing around to your local hang outs there are various fitness facilities to choose from including Bikram Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, 24 hour fitness and Equinox Union Street, all within walking distance. Still have energy to burn? Hike up the hill to Huntington Park, take in the view of your breathtaking city from the heart of Nob Hill.

Fun fact: In the 1968 film Bullitt, Steve McQueen’s character lived at 1153 Taylor Street in Nob Hill. A must see film for iconic shots of San Francisco.

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