Free Yourself From Your Desk!

Unhealthy attachments keep you from being happy. We have all heard it and, even if it's just something that sounds nice in yoga class, there's some truth to it. How many property managers and leasing agents enjoy being attached to their desks to handle paperwork?

When you're working to get properties leased, it's important to act quickly and work mostly from your phone. You are busy touring properties and meeting prospective new renters. The last thing you should be doing is sitting behind a desk processing rental applications. Intellirent eliminates the need for you to do this anymore. Using our comprehensive and automated platform, you can easily go 100% mobile (for free!).

Here's how going mobile will make you happier and more productive:

1) You will be forever free from the monotonous data entry steps of putting the same information written on an application into another system that generates a credit report (we're getting bored just typing this). Our platform cuts out the double-entry and digitizes the entire application process. No more falling asleep on your keyboard.

2) Intellirent instantly handles all tenancy and employment checks. You could be showing properties while we simultaneously verify all the important details. No time lag, no back and forth, no missed connections.

3) Intellirent enables renters to fill out an application on their phone in just a few minutes, even during the showing. Before the showing is even over, you can see their pre-approval info, saving everyone a lot of time and typing. Now that is what efficiency looks like.

Intellirent sets you free from all the frustrating attachments involved with getting a property leased. You'll have more time to spend on the parts of life that you actually enjoy. Sign up for your free account to start seeing us in action.

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