Going Paperless the Intellirent Way

Intellirent helps you rent intelligently. Whether you're a property owner or someone looking for a new home, we can work with you to streamline the entire process. Our unique platform benefits both property owners and renters. It's a win-win situation!

Intellirent is the Eco-Friendly Solution

We in the real estate industry have heeded the call to go paperless as we join other industries who have already modernized their processes by using paperless methods whenever possible. Let's stop wasting resources and hurting the planet. Just think of all the paper required to complete a rental application: proof of ID, application forms, checks, proof of income documents--all of which are then scanned and faxed or emailed, and ultimately printed. With Intellirent, there's no longer a need to produce and store piles of paper.

Advantages for Agents

Our no-charge application process takes place 100% online. You'll have 24-hour access to information and online assistance. We do all the legwork for you with background checks, credit checks, employment history, and rent payment verification from former landlords. Rather than submitting listings to multiple sites yourself, we do it for you with listing syndication. All for FREE.

Guaranteed Security

Both renters and property owners can be confident that sensitive information will remain secure. Our online programming, with the help of artificial intelligence, replaces the need for paperwork. If saving the environment, saving money, and ensuring the security of your rental information are important factors in your leasing process, choose Intellirent.

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