Happy Earth Day From Intellirent!

This Earth Day, Intellirent is inspired to donate to Save the Redwoods League in an effort to keep our planet green. Save the Redwoods works to protect the remaining redwood forests that have managed to escape logging and pollution by purchasing redwood lands that are in danger, restoring redwood ecosystems that have been damaged, and educating people about the importance of protecting the Earth's natural resources.

There are more ways than one to protect our natural resources. You may not be able to donate your time or money to such worthy causes as Save the Redwoods League, but you can start with these easy tips.

Reduce Waste

Traditionally, there is a lot of paper waste associated with the rental business. There are forms to fill out, agreements to sign, and paperwork to file away -- then securely discard when the time comes. Try using a software that automates the rental application process online. Utilize services such as DocuSign or HelloSign for lease signings. Send your your new tenants all the relevant documents electronically, signatures are collected as soon as the documents are received, and you keep them on file in the cloud. No printing, no waste.

Encourage Reusables 

Look around your office. There are many ways to encourage your staff to re-use. Provide everyone with their own plastic water bottles instead of cups to use once and toss, encourage others to bring a packed lunch rather than microwaving boxed meals (think of all the waste in that). Use paper clips instead of staples, e-Notes instead of Post-Its!


Despite all your best efforts, there will always be some waste in any office setting. But you don't have to send that waste to a landfill -- set up recycling bins in a convenient spot in the office, and clearly label which types of waste go in which bins. Employees are 70% more likely to recycle at the office when the bins are set up, and they may even be more likely to start recycling at home when they do so at work.

Go Green with Intellirent

Intelligent technology is the future of eco-friendly workplaces and homes. With Intellirent, you can make the rental application process so much easier, and reduce waste and save trees in the process. So go green this Earth Day -- it's better for you and for our planet.

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