Refresh a Stale Apartment Listing

Imagine this: It's been days, or even weeks, and that one apartment listing is still there. It just hasn't moved. It's got a lot of potential, but for some reason, it just isn't attracting interest. Thankfully, your listing isn't a lost cause. There are plenty of steps you can take that will liven up your posting and make it even more attractive to your future renters.

1. Update the photos.

The first thing anyone searching for an apartment will see when they view your listing is the photos. Use your photos to emphasize the apartment's strengths, such as a roomy interior or a pleasant front yard view. In addition, order the photos in a way that ensures that the most eye-catching photo is the first thing the reader sees when they open the listing.

2. Use prior tenant reviews in the description.

A landlord talking up their own property is one thing, but firsthand accounts from people who have lived at the property before are a fantastic way to assure prospective renters that they're getting the most for their money. If possible, have a few previous tenants write brief reviews, discussing what they enjoyed most about their living arrangement.

3. Ensure that the price is comparable to other nearby properties.

If a listing has gone too long with no views, an important factor to consider in improving interest is price. Make frequent efforts to research other similar properties in the neighborhood, and pay particular attention to their pricing rates. Lowering the price isn't the only option; move-in specials, such as a promotional rent rate, are very attractive to potential tenants.

For more tips on how to make your listing shine, contact Intellirent today!

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