Making Your Rental Your Own

Nothing is more exciting than decorating your new apartment and making it your own. Once you've decluttered from your previous home, the fun begins. You get to design a space that's not only comfortable and functional, but expressive of your unique personality. But you've also paid a security deposit and agreed not to damage the space. How can you truly personalize your decor and still recover the deposit when it's time to move out? Here are some fun, inexpensive ways to customize your apartment with minimal impact.

3M's Command Hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there are other brands of removable adhesive hooks on the market as well. Removable adhesive hooks not only allow you to fearlessly hang art on your walls, but offer lots of opportunity to get creative with your apartment decor. Use a collection of hooks to hang jewelry, string lights, or organize your kitchen and closets, all without putting those pesky holes in your walls.

Self-adhesive vinyl is brilliant

Check out removable adhesive vinyl and let your creativity expand. You can buy rolls of self-adhesive vinyl in nearly every color imaginable, and it's easily cut to the desired dimensions or patterns. You could temporarily paper an entire accent wall, transform a thrift-store table top, line shelves, or customize a backsplash. Vinyl adds interest and customizes your living space, while being easy to clean and easy to remove.

Go bohemian and explore textiles

Textiles make a huge statement, and needn't be restricted to bed linens and window treatments. You can use pretty fabric to cover a wall, a couch, or make a temporary bed canopy. Fabric can be draped around a lamp to transform lighting, placed on a table to add warmth and texture, and even easily adapted into an area rug. When it's time to move, you can just roll up the fabric like it was never there.

These are just a few ways to personalize your living space without risking your deposit or violating your lease, and there are many more. Get creative, and don't be afraid to express yourself!

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