10 Stellar Podcasts For Property Managers

Podcasts provide access to knowledge that can be absorbed while driving, cooking, or even working. Great property managers are always absorbing information. With that in mind, these are the ten best podcasts for property managers.

The Property Management Mastermind Show

If you want a podcast made by a property manager, you'll love the Property Management Mastermind Show. In it, San Antonio property manager Brad Larsen interviews property professionals. Whether you want advice on screening tenants or finding investments, this podcast helps.

Yes Talk

If you're new to real estate, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of things that new property managers need to learn. The world is filled with self-anointed experts, but the best podcast for honest and grounded real estate coaching is Kevin Ward's Yes Talk.

Ward covers everything from sales tactics to dealing with frustration. While you shouldn't put all your trust in any source, this is still a great place for advice.

Coffee Break Spanish

It can seem strange to recommend a Spanish-education podcast on this list. However, it makes sense. Changing demographics make it more likely that you'll want to rent to Spanish speakers.

If that's the case, being able to speak Spanish will put you ahead of the competition. Coffee Break Spanish is one of the best podcasts for property managers to start learning the language skills to compete in a global world.

Eye On Real Estate

It's important for property managers to stay up-to-date with the latest shifts and trends in the real estate industry. The Eye on Real Estate podcast is a great place to do that. This isn't the only source of real estate news. However, it is informative and comprehensive enough to be a must-listen.

The Tim Ferriss Show

This podcast from the author of the 4-hour workweek is a great resource for anybody who wants to combine success and a healthy work-life balance. The Tim Ferriss Show features interviews with successful people in various industries with a focus on the great habits that got them to the top.

HBR Ideacast

Property managers are entrepreneurs. The Harvard Business Review's Ideacast is filled with amazing analysis of how to run your own business. Amazing advice makes this one of the best podcasts for property managers.

The EntreLeadership Podcast

The EntreLeadership Podcast is filled with interviews with top leaders across various industries. It's a great place to turn if you need advice on how to be an effective and level-headed property manager.

Meditation Minis Podcast

Property management is stressful. You're always jumping between tenants and sales. That's why it's so important to take the time to breathe.

If you think you're too busy, the Meditation Minis Podcast offers guided meditations in 15-minutes or less. The podcast updates 1-2 times a week, but with over 90 episodes already published, you can use it to build a daily habit.

Healthy Living Podcast

Like the Meditation Minis Podcast, the Healthy Living Podcast is a digestible way to improve your health. While Meditation Minis focused on the mind, this podcast focuses on the body, nutrition, and exercise.

This isn't just good for you: it's also good for your business. Good health provides energy for the tough work of property management.

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

Most property managers are fascinated with the world of business. Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal is an amazing business-focused resource. With it, you'll learn everything you need to know about the markets today.

After you jot down these perfect podcasts, be sure to read more about who we are and how we're giving you your free time back.

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