International Credit Screening

Introducing International Screening with Intellirent! 


We're excited to announce that we now offer International Credit Screening for applicants from India, Mexico and the United Kingdom! These reports are part of Intellirent's core service, so are offered at no additional cost to you. 

Update 08/15/18: Now offering reports from Canada and Australia, too! 

How it Works
Applicants who do not have credit history in the U.S. but do have history in India, Mexico and the United Kingdom will now be taken through a customized page of the application flow. Within this process, we collect data and obtain authorization from applicants specifically as it relates to obtaining the credit report for their country. Similar to our U.S. applicant flow, we obtain verification of their identity and then populate their credit reports within your view of their application as well as their renter resume.

The Nova Report
We are pleased to offer International Screening through our partnership with Nova, the world's first cross-border credit bureau. Intellirent agents should be quite familiar with the look of the Nova Credit Report, as it follows similar style as our existing TransUnion reports. You’ll see color-coded payment history, a familiar credit scoring system and easy-to-understand trade lines.

Additional Countries
Nova reports are currently available in India, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Expect to hear about additional countries very soon, as Nova is continuing to expand their global coverage.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about our International Screening reports.


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