Smart Processes for the Modern Agent

As a real estate professional, rentals are a great way to grow your network and provide a steady stream of income. With so much on your plate it's important to always be on the lookout for smart opportunities to modernize and ensure a return.

Smart Partnerships for the Modern Agent

Successful leasing professionals and property managers know how to modernize their business process through, among other strategies, streamlining and time management.


Streamlining is the act of improving the efficiency of a business or organization's processes, by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps or using modern techniques. Intellirent helps you with your marketing, screening, and application management, all in one place.

  • Marketing – single click marketing to multiple sites, a professional listing feed on your website, and a custom-tailored, branded website.
  • Screening – comprehensive credit reports and nationwide background checks, international screening, and smart automation of employment and tenancy verifications.
  • Application Management – organized dashboard, real-time tracking, internal and external messaging and, live support to representatives for both agents and renters, seven days a week.

Time Management

When you have the tools to help you streamline, you can better optimize your time.  According to this recent blog from LinkedIn, time management is one of the most important soft skills companies are looking for in 2019. 

Let's face it, one size does not fit all. Make sure your technology works well with others. With Intellirent, after instantly receiving the completed online application, credit report, and background checks, we help you auto-populate the lease documents, thanks to our Dotloop partnership. Speed up "the rental property application process by completely removing paperwork from the equation."

The Intellirent software suite and mobile friendly solution is completely free for agents. Saving you both time and money. Ensure increased returns when you modernize your business processes with automated technology. 

Create a free Intellirent account, or schedule a call with us to learn more.

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