International Credit Reports: The Future of Tenant Screening

Moving to a new country is a tough challenge on its own. A major hurdle any new U.S. resident must face is establishing credit. The United States has 43 million 1st generation immigrants, 76 million 2nd generation immigrants, and about 50% of Americans identify as 3rd generation immigrants.  Millions of people move to the U.S every year but their credit history does not move with them. If you're a leasing professional or landlord, you may have also faced this hurdle when screening new tenants. 

International Screening

Traditional tenant screening services do not offer a solution to help a rental business do their due diligence, leaving a leasing agent to guess work. More time is spent, fees goes up and both the international renters and the leasing agent feel at a disadvantage. Intellirent has partnered with Nova Credit to solve this problem. 

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Nova Credit, the first cross-border credit reporting agency, processes and manages the credit reports of international applicants. Nova Credit partners with the top consumer credit bureaus globally. Using this system, you'll get a U.S. equivalent credit score, derogatory marks, notices, and inquiry history. 

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Similar to Intellirent's partnership with TransUnion to provide instant U.S. credit reports, international applicants complete their online application accessing Nova Connect while completing the application steps, without ever leaving the page, and more importantly, without abandoning their application.

Agents and landlords don't have to take any additional steps to access these reports, either! When an applicant completes their application, the international report is immediately available for review and easy to read!


When managing your rental business, you should have all the necessary tools to screen applicants with ease. Intellirent is the only online rental application to offer international credit reports at no additional cost to you. We are partnered with Nova Credit to help you collect credit reports instantly, from around the world without the extra hassle.

If you're interested in international credit reports, create an account with us or reach out to learn more about our free solutions for agents and landlords today. 

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