You already know that Intellirent makes the renter screening process a breeze, but what steps can you take to get those applications rolling in quickly? Once you have ensured the safety and security of your property, your next priority is to spruce it up a bit. Of course, you certainly don't want to break the bank, so here are the maintenance items that should top your list:

Cover the Basics

Before you do anything else to improve your property, assess the condition of walls and floors. These are the most heavily used parts of any home and tend to experience the most wear and tear.  A fresh coat of paint can go a long way towards making your property look as good as new. Likewise, buffing wood floors or steam-cleaning the carpets are both high-visibility ways of keeping your rental in tip-top shape.

Put a Little Light on the Subject 

As you assess your property's condition, don't forget about light switches, bulbs, and fixtures. Potential renters pay attention to the quality and functionality of interior lighting throughout a property. Lighting is especially important in high use areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Check each light in your property to make sure its switch is functional, the fixture is dust-free, and it has a working bulb (bonus points for energy-efficient LEDs which last much longer than traditional bulbs!).  

These three maintenance items (fresh paint on walls, pristine floors, and great lighting) are the foundation of getting your property ready to show. Check back next week for tips on choosing low-cost cosmetic upgrades that pack a punch.